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What to wear to a Christmas Party

It’s that time of year again… that stretch of weeks when we are feeling rushed, overworked, and desperately looking forward to a holiday. We can so often get caught up in deadlines, Christmas shopping, and the fluster of the looming season, that we don’t have time to think about what to wear to the many functions that crop up around this time. The last thing you want is to get to Wednesday, and think “Yikes, the Christmas function is on Friday night, and I have nothing to wear!”

As I’ve mentioned many times before, the way you present yourself sends messages about your personality, lifestyle, character, your status, and so much more. Ask yourself what message you want to send with your appearance, and make sure that your outfit and overall look supports that message.

For Men:

Your work culture will often determine how casual or dressy you should be for the function. If you are in doubt, ask. That will be far less embarrassing than turning up in jeans, when everyone else looks suave and classy. Remember that often this is a chance to dress up a bit, shake off the work blues, and have some fun. So make sure you are comfortable, but always aim to be smart and stylish.

And whatever you do… make sure you leave the knitted Rudolph jumper in your closet, just don’t do it. The same goes for satin waistcoats with anything resembling a cartoon character or Christmas paraphernalia – these should be burnt!

Instead, if your function calls for casual dress… go for a nice chino or smart dark jean, with a nice long sleeve shirt. Make sure your shoes are clean and polished.

For a more formal function, stick to a suit. Choose a great shirt and tie combo that reflects your personality, but don’t go cheesy. Remember, photos will most likely be taken.

For Ladies:

Again, make sure you know how dressy your work function will be. This is your chance to look fabulous, show your personality, and get complimented on your sense of style. Make sure, however, that you don’t go overboard. Choose an outfit that is appropriate for your body shape, colouring and age.

There are a few options for outfits: you can go with a trousers and a gorgeous top, you can go for a skirt and top option, or a fabulous dress.

So what are the dos & don’ts?


• Don’t dress like a prude
• Don’t do the ‘Mutton dressed as Lamb’ look either
• Don’t dress too sexy for the office crowd, as you may attract unwanted attention that could take months to shake off
• Don’t dress too casually
• Don’t wear the same thing you wear to work every day. Show some personality and creativity
• Don’t wear shoes that you can’t walk in without falling over
• Don’t wear lipstick on your teeth
• Don’t wear a frumpy jacket over a gorgeous outfit, it will ruin the look completely


• Do accessorize – show some personality with your accessory choices
• Do look absolutely fabulous
• Do make sure you are comfortable in what you’re wearing (nothing looks worse than a lady who continually hitches up an ill fitting strapless bra)
• Do dress appropriately for the occasion – no towering heels for a beach function
• Do bring something warm that works with your outfit
• Do get help with your makeup if you don’t do it well yourself (try a department store)
• Do put on some fake tan if you are pasty (test it well in advance)
• Do layer with opaque stockings or footless tights if you are cold
• Do check your back view in the mirror before you leave

Remember that photos will probably be taken during the function and pasted on the office wall the next week, so make sure that you are happy with how you look, stand up straight, and remember the number one accessory you can’t go without: a smile.

If you need some help shopping for a party outfit, take a Personal Shopper with you. Check out our services for more details.