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What do your shoes say about you?

The way that we present ourselves gives off messages about what kind of person we are, the life we live, our interests, our confidence, our sense of style, often without us even realizing it! Today we are going to look at what your shoes say about you, and some of the common shoe sins that people commit.

So many people think that shoes are the one thing that people don’t really notice in an outfit… I beg to differ! You’d be surprised how shoes can make or break your look.

Isn't it a terrible shame to have a great outfit fall short because of an unattractive pair of clodhoppers? At the office, parties, and in our daily lives we witness this unfortunate phenomenon. All of us have seen others, or worse ourselves, let footwear drag down a great look instead of being the crowning jewel to complete it.

So what are some of those nasty shoe sins that people slip up on?

What do our shoes say about us? What messages do they send out?

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