Outfit - Personal Style Consultancy

Wedding Style

If you want the "wow factor" on your big day, let us help you choose the most flattering colour and style of wedding dress for you. We will help take the stress out of choosing bridesmaids and groomsmens outfits, not to mention the Groom and any special parents too. Know that you will look amazing on the day, and in your photos for years to come. 

Colour Consultation
White, soft white, cream, ivory, colour? Discover the colours that really work for you – colours that will make you look and feel younger, healthier and more attractive, on your big day, and every other day.

Body-shape Analysis

Choosing the right style of wedding gown can be a bit daunting. Learn how to choose styles that will enhance the features you love and camouflage the ones you don’t.

Gown Shopping and Consultation
Get the best advice and help to find your dream dress. Take a personal stylist with you to shop for a wedding gown or consult with a dress maker. We’ll help you find the dress with the “wow factor”!

Bridesmaids Outfits
It can be hard to choose bridesmaids outfits when you have different body-shapes, colouring, height, and weight to take into account. Let us help. We will consult with you on your wedding theme, colour and style. Then we can shop off the rack, or get the perfect outfits created for your special day.

Groom & Groomsmen’s Outfits
We’ll also help the boys to choose the best suits and colours to work in with your bridesmaids and overall theme. Don’t leave them to their own devices! Let us give you peace of mind, knowing they are getting the best advice.

Mother of the Bride or Groom

We are also available to help the Mother of the Bride or Groom find the perfect outfit for the big day. And of course, anyone else that you think needs the help!

Contact us to discuss which of the above options you would like in your personalized Wedding Style Package. $POA