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Wardrobe Sorting & Planning

Making your wardrobe stylish and reflective of your lifestyle, personality and your budget is life-changing.

We sort through your existing wardrobe to see what works for you and what doesn’t. Don’t worry – of course you have the final say on what stays and what goes! Get new ideas on how to mix your existing pieces to create new outfits and get you out of a rut and how new pieces can revamp your old favourites.

Learn how to create a capsule wardrobe that gives you 40 outfit options from just 12 pieces.

You’ll also see how using different accessories can create whole new looks. You’ll receive a list of key investment pieces that will maximize your existing wardrobe, or create a whole new one, so you are ready to shop with purpose, not on impulse.

Price: $240 (2 hours)
Travel charges may apply. 

Gift Vouchers are available.
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Susan, 36 years, was a senior creative in an advertising agency who had found a look she liked in her mid-twenties and had stayed stuck in it. It seemed she was also stuck in the same job position and even though she worked hard and was very talented had twice been passed over for promotion. Her whole wardrobe was black with a few pieces in white, grey or fawn. She had fallen into a common trap of having a ‘narrow’ wardrobe and worse, had become afraid of wearing colour of any kind having become used to only seeing herself in black. Susan could not believe how stunning she looked wearing the colour tones that suited her – and how much more positive she felt wearing them, not just about herself but her life in general.