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Top Shop

Today I went shopping at Top Shop on Oxford Street in London. Wow!! That place is so huge, and totally incredible. I didn't get nearly as long as I wanted in there, but I'm going to go back again (without a man in tow!).

In the women's section there was accessories as far as the eye could see... my paradise. I noticed a bit of peasant/bohemian style in again, which I was a bit surprised at, but also quite a bit of the fluro colours and a huge 80's presence too. I saw the section that was designed by Kate Moss, which had some great pieces in.

In the men's styles fluro and 80's was huge too, as were waistcoats, and great old style hats. Quite a variety in styles. Colour is big for guys.

We are off to Paris tomorrow, so I'm sure that will be very inspiring. Keep tuned.