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The Magic of Makeovers

I love seeing the difference that a makeover can have on the confidence of people. I’m hooked on makeover shows, which is probably why I enjoy doing what I do, so much. My current favourite, the programme on Fridays, 7:30pm, Channel One, called “How to Look Good Naked”, really intrigues and inspires me. Albeit, there is a fair amount of nudity on the screen, so be aware of that, but its results that I’m there for.

So they start out with a person who is self-conscious, low self-esteem, often doesn’t like part or all of their body. This often affects their relationships, especially intimate ones. They will often dress to hide themselves, but hate the fact that they do this.

Now on the topic of often not liking one part of your body… one interesting part that they do, is line up about 7 women from smallest to biggest of that particular body part, (be it breasts, stomach, thighs, etc) and then the woman has to put herself in the line, where she thinks she fits in size order. Every time, she will put herself as much bigger than she actually is! Often right near the biggest, when she may be the second smallest! It amazes me how convinced they are about their size, when really they are much smaller. It’s a huge revelation to them. And slowly they start to see the truth about themselves – that they are beautiful, gorgeous women, who have great features, worth loving.

Through facing the truth, that often a lot of the problem is in their mind, rather than their thighs, they come out the other end alive, eyes sparkling, confident, proud of who they are AND how they look, and this has such a dramatic effect on their relationships and their whole lives!

They get a new hairstyle to suit their face, lifestyle & personality. They learn how to dress for their body shape & their colouring, do their makeup, and really how to make the most of themselves. Then they walk down a runway in front of thousands, strutting their stuff, and love it! What a turn around!

I love seeing people who are proud to be who they are. I love how makeovers can help to do that for people stuck in a rut. That’s why I love makeover shows, and why I love what I do.

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