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Style vs. Fashion

Fashion and style, are they the same thing? Which is more important? I've been pondering these questions recently, and have come to a conclusion...

Fashion is about trends.
Style is about what really suits you.
Fashion is temporary.
Style is timeless.

I place much more importance on dressing in outfits that really suit your colouring, your body shape, your personality and your lifestyle, than in just being a slave to the "must-haves" of the season.

Every season, fashion will come out with a whole bunch of trends that apparently you “must-have”, the only thing they don’t tell you is that you have to interpret what will work for you, and what won’t. You most probably won't suit all of the fashion trends that come out each season, so you need to pick only what really works for you.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love both fashion and style. That’s why I do what I do. But I’ve also seen some things that make me go “Stop right there, fashion police!!!” You see, it’s all about working with your body shape, not against it.

Just because skinny jeans are in, doesn’t mean they’ll look good on you! Over the last few seasons, the really low hipster jeans were in, and I’d see young girls wearing them, and they would have these “muffins” of flesh hanging out over top, because their hips were too big to wear them. It’s just not a good look. They would have been better to wear a slightly higher waist jean, and then a top over top, no-one would notice.

Which is more flattering? This...

Or this?

And I see some ladies, who are a bit shorter, absolutely living in ¾ pants all summer long. Did you realise that ¾ pants actually make your legs look shorter, which, if you have short legs, is not a good look! The reason for this is that the eye stops at the bottom of the pants, and then it visually looks as if your ankle starts from there down, which makes your leg look shorter. A full length trouser actually elongates the leg, because the eye keeps going all the way to the ground. Variety is the spice of life! We are all different. We all have our favourite body assets, the things we like about ourselves, and we also all have the parts we try to disguise or camouflage. We have different body shapes. And that’s how it’s meant to be. If we all had hips as big as mine, then nobody would look good in skinny jeans!

So what are the different body shapes??

The aim is to make your figure look as balanced as possible. Colour can hugely affect how proportioned you look. Knowing your body shape helps you to know what colour to wear on what part of your body.

Here is the simple rule of thumb: Wear darker, plainer colours on your areas of figure challenge, your larger half. Wear lighter, brighter colours and patterns or texture on your smaller half. The eye will be drawn to the lighter, brighter shades, and skip over the darker shades.

Horizontal lines or stripes make you look wider, so don’t wear them on your widest area, as it will just draw attention to it.
You have to be honest with yourself and what works for you. Have fun with fashion, but don’t be a slave to it. Be creative instead. Have fun with accessories. Express your own sense of style. You don’t have to show 90% of your skin to be noticed. Don’t feel pressured to wear a skirt that actually just looks like a wide belt. You can look fantastic and be admired for your style sense without being a slave to fashion.

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