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Style Question: The Black Addiction

Q: I’m stuck in a rut of wearing black, because it’s so slimming. I want to wear some colour, but I don’t know what will suit me. Do you have any suggestions on how to wear colour and still look slim?

A: This is such a common problem for people. Aucklanders especially are addicted to black clothing! It’s true that dark colours are slimming, but this doesn’t restrict you to only black, you could try dark navy, charcoal, or dark chocolate brown too. If you are unsure what colours suit you, I’d recommend getting a Colour Consultation done. This really helps you to make sure you are choosing colours that really suit you. Check out our services to find out more.

My colour rule of thumb is: Wear darker, plainer colours on your area of figure challenge, your larger half. Wear lighter, brighter colours, pattern & texture on your smaller half. The eye will be drawn to the lighter, brighter colours, where the interest is, and will skip over the darker shades.