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Style Question: Mutton Dressed as Lamb

Q: I’ve just turned 60 and I don’t want to dress like a granny, but I don’t want to look like Mutton Dressed as Lamb, either. How do I create a look that is stylish, but age appropriate?

A: First of all, I have to say that I don’t think you should dress as a granny, or shop in old ladies stores! You can be stylish at any age. The main thing with not looking like Mutton dressed as Lamb is to steer clear of showing too much flesh. Don’t wear skirts any shorter than your knees, and watch out that necklines don’t plunge too low. I think the trick is to go for more classic styles, and add personality with great accessories. Start collecting interesting jewelry, handbags and shoes. Make sure you wear colours that really suit you, especially close to your face. This works like an instant face-lift! Check out our services for details on our Colour Consultation.