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Style Question - "I look too young. Nobody takes me seriously!"

Q: I am a 23 year old woman that works in an office, but people say I look like I’m only 17 years old. How can I dress to make people take me more seriously?

A: You could try the look of a nice blazer/jacket with trousers or jeans and some heels (closed toe, maybe pointy). Stronger design lines will always look more mature, such as the strong shoulders and v-neck of a blazer, and the same with the shoes. But don't forget your accessories too, a nice necklace maybe.

Also, stay away from pastel colours such as baby pink or baby blue, these will make you look younger.

Make sure your trousers are hemmed to the right length - not too short (it will make you look shorter), and not too long (it will look like you haven't grown into them yet). You will always get taken more seriously if you are dressed smartly and fashionably than casually and scruffily.

Also keep in mind that your hair style is current and that you remember to style your hair and do your makeup, that will help too. Definitely don't wear your hair in pony-tails or pig-tails. If you aren’t confident doing makeup yourself, get someone to teach you how. Contact us and we can help you out there.

Finally, stand tall, with good posture and confidence and people will start to give you the respect that you deserve.