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Style Question: 3/4 Pants on Short People

Q: I’ve heard that short people shouldn’t wear ¾ trousers, why is that? I live in mine over summer!

A: What you’ve heard is true! ¾ trousers will make your legs look shorter, so if you have short legs or if you are not tall, stay away from ¾ pants at all costs! The reason behind this is that visually, the eye will travel down your silhouette until it has a reason to stop. Any hemline, colour change or horizontal line will draw attention. So basically, when you wear ¾ pants, it looks as if your legs stops at the hemline, and your foot starts from there, which makes your legs look much shorter than a full length trouser. If you’re unsure, check out some photos of yourself in ¾, then in full length. You’ll definitely notice the difference. You can learn more about how to dress your body shape with our Body-shape Analysis. Check out our servcies for more details.