Outfit - Personal Style Consultancy

Style & Line Analysis

Learn the tricks of the trade to enhance the features you love - and how to camouflage the ones you don’t.

We work with the various proportions of your individual body in detail so you understand which key clothing shapes work for you – and what doesn’t.

You get advice on your most flattering garment shapes & styles, as well as accessories – even hair styles and spectacle or sunglasses frames - the absolute long and short of it.

Knowing your Style Personality is as important as being able to choose the best colours and shapes for you. When you understand this concept, you not only look fantastic in what you wear, you feel authentic and truly YOU in it.

Your Style Personality is influenced by your colouring and bone structure, your environment and the kind of life you live, underpinned by the essence of you. We look at styles you are naturally attracted to, fabrics and cut, as well as the overall image you project and want to project. 

You’ll receive your own comprehensive personalized Style Manual for your reference. It will save you time and money when it comes to shopping: you’ll stop buying things that don’t suit you and start buying clothes and accessories that do. You’ll have a definite sense of style that only comes when you know the cut, sizes, lengths, widths and styles that enhance the positives of your individual body shape.

Price: $295 (2 hours)

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Vivienne, 65, did not feel a day over 30 but her clothes dated her and made her look a bit drab. She had lost confidence in herself during an illness and now wanted ‘an overhaul’! She gleefully threw out almost all her ‘granny’ clothes, replacing them with some very classic, tailored pieces and smart accessories. Her daughter is amazed at the difference - especially her mother looking the same age as her - so she’s decided to have an Outfit Personal Style consult too.