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Springs new Trends: Which ones do you suit?

With each new fashion season, there are new trends that get introduced. The important thing to recognize is this, not everyone can wear every trend. You have to learn to interprete which styles will flatter your body shape and colouring, and which styles to avoid like the plague.

We’re going to go through Spring’s fashion trends and how to wear them:

1.    SHOES - Colour & print, wedges (great for thicker ankles), peep toes, cone wooden heels, Gladiators, espadrilles, thick straps. Do not wear any shoes with ankle straps if you have short legs or thick ankles, it will just make the problem worse.

2.    ROMANCE - Tiered ruffles, frills and roses on skirts, dresses, tops, blouses, necklines. Only wear this trend if it suits your personality. Not everyone can pull off frills, but go for it if it suits you.

3.    FLORAL PRINTS - Retro florals, 40, 50s, 70s flower print blouses. There are two things to take into account when choosing floral prints. Firstly, you need to make sure that the colours suit you. Choosing a wrong colour can cause you to look drained, tired and any dark under-eye circles and blemishes will stand out more in the wrong colour. Where as the right colour will make you look fresh, healthy and your skin will look great. If you’re unsure on what colours suit you, check out our Colour Consultation to see how we can help.

Secondly, to be most flattering, the size of the floral print should be in scale with your size. Petite people suit smaller prints and will be overwhelmed by huge prints. Medium sized people suits medium prints. Larger people suit bigger prints, if they wear a small print, it just gets lost on them.

4.    ARTIST BRUSHSTROKES - PAINTERLY PRINTS - Graffiti like scribbles and smears, Ombre dip/tie dyed. If you are going for a dip-dye effect, make sure that the darker shade is on your larger half, and the lighter shade is on your smaller half.

5.    FABULOUS FROCKS - Asymmetric draped dresses, tea dresses, maxi dresses

6.    UNDERWEAR EFFECTS - Transparent chiffons - layered sheers, see through construction dresses, jackets

7.    CITRUS BLOCK COLOURS - Orange, tangerine, mandarin, peach, yellow, gold, lemon, yellow, citrus green. Only wear this trend if you are sure you suit warm tones, otherwise they will make you look quite sallow, yellow and ill.

8.    TRIBAL EARTH - AFRICAN Traditional prints - Earthy Asian textures, animal and feather fabrics

9.    PURPLE REIGN - Violet to lilac. Wear these if you suit cool colours, otherwise they make drain you a bit. Remember if you’re not sure what colours suit you, check out our Colour Consultation to see how we can help.

10.    TROUSERS – High-waisted flared jeans, Coloured skinny jeans (don’t wear these if you have big thighs), cropped narrow jodhpurs (not really flattering on anyone!), wide trousers.

11.    MILITARY SAFARI - Practical pockets, easy shirt stand summer dresses, military touches

12.    THE NEW DENIM - Frayed and faded with white shirts. If you are larger on your bottom half, be careful with light denim as it will probably make your thighs look bigger. Also watch out for the horizontal whiskering lines around the crotch and hips, these will draw attention to the widest point of your hips. You can learn more about dressing for your shape with our Body-shape Analysis.

13.    NAUTICAL TAILORING - Blazers, trims, shoulders, tuxedo shawl collar white narrow/wide pants suits.

14.    LUXURY MATERIALS & FABRICS - Leathers, satins and silks, fine embroidery, fabric flower roses.

15.    ACCESSORIES - Clutch/small handbags, cuffs, bangles, big sunglasses, scarves, skinny belts.  Have fun with accessories, they are the easiest way to brighten up a plain outfit.

If you’d like to be more stylish and current but are scared of wasting money on things that won’t suit you, we are here to help. We can show you what colours and styles best flatter and suit you. We can go shopping with you and help you to get pieces that really suit you, teach you how to accessorize, and take the stress out of shopping. Trust me; it will actually save you money, as you won’t have all those shopping mistakes hanging in the back of your wardrobe.

Check out our services to see how we can help. We have makeover packages as well as individual services available.