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Forget asking a stranger, friend or shop assistant if something suits you. Ask a professional! Outfit Personal Shopping is not just a fun time; it’s extremely practical and can be adapted for your particular needs.

You might be starting a new career and want us to come shopping with you to buy your new corporate wardrobe. Or perhaps you’re nervous of being on the retail frontline and all its temptations and need us to find your perfect outfit for a wedding quickly and with minimum fuss. Or we’ve helped you sort out your existing wardrobe and now you want us to follow-through by helping you buy the right colour and style of items to complete your new look.

We’ll go shopping with you for any reason from finding key pieces to build your wardrobe around through to sourcing feature seasonal garments to update your look. We can advise on new shops to try or visit your existing favourites.

The Outfit Personal Shopping service is a great investment that will save you buying unflattering clothes or accessories you’ll never actually wear and adds to the retail therapy buzz because you know you’re buying intelligently.

If you prefer, we can do the leg-work for you, working within your set budget, and you can simply take delivery of your new clothes Oscar-nominee style. Talk to us about your specific requirements.

Price: $100 per hour (Minimum 2 hours)

Gift Vouchers are available.
Talk to us about a great price deal on the whole package.

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Call Tanya on 021 616 006 or email info@outfitme.co.nz

Paul, 24 years and just out of uni, had no clue about where to go for the new clothes he needed to wear at his first job in a law firm. He knew all the hip, surfie brands but there his knowledge of clothes ended. Now he’s a new man of the corporate world with carefully-chosen suits in colours and fabrics that complement him and his environment and most importantly, fell within his limited budget - as well as individual shirts and ties that reflect his youthful spirit. He started his new job with a sense of total confidence that surprised him.