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Packing Light for Holiday

If you’ve ever been hassled about the amount of luggage that you take with you on holiday, if you end up wearing only half of what you take, or leave important pieces behind, you may have wondered if there is a better way to pack for holiday.

The answer is yes, there is!

All you have to do is make a plan, assemble a clothing capsule, and put it in the suitcase. Once you get good at it, you can be packed and ready to go in about ten minutes.

So, where do you start??

Make a plan

I've known lots of women who insist on packing just about everything they own because they don't know what they'll "feel" like wearing on any given day of their trip.

Translation: They don't know what they're supposed to wear so they take everything, hoping something will be appropriate.

What's a better plan?

Ask. Find out what you'll be doing, where you'll be going, and what the weather's like. If you'll be visiting friends or relatives, ask them. It's such a simple little thing, but so few people think to do it. If you don't know, ASK! It's the quickest way to find your answer. Once you know what you’ll be up to, you can begin to consider what types of clothing you need to take.

Assemble a Clothing Capsule

The next step is to figure out how to take as few pieces as possible yet still cover all of your activities. Sound impossible? Not if you use clothing capsules. Once you master how to mix and match your clothes, you'll be amazed by what you can do with the clothes you already own.

A clothing capsule is approximately 8-12 pieces of clothing that mix and match easily with each other. They can be the same or complimentary colours, and in styles that work well with each other.

Let's say that you're headed to a bach near the beach for the week following Christmas. You'll be eating, shopping, going for walks, eating, going to the beach, and possibly going out to dinner.

A good capsule might include:
• White tank top
• Red merino jumper
• Red t-shirt
• Black shrug/cardi
• Animal print scarf
• Black shorts
• White skirt
• Jeans
• Summer dress – white with black floral print
• Swimsuit

Now, for some sample outfits:

Dinner: Summer dress, black shrug
Shopping: Red T-shirt, jeans,
Walks: White tank top, Red merino jumper, black shorts
The movies: Red merino jumper, jeans, black shrug
Eating out: White tank top, white skirt, scarf tied at neck, black shrug
The beach: Swimsuit, black shorts

See how easy this is? If you stick with a basic colour scheme and pieces that mix and match easily, you'll not only have a variety of outfits, you'll be able to come up with something instantly if you find yourself headed somewhere or doing something you hadn't planned.

Another bonus? You can cut way down on the number of shoes and other accessories you need to take because you won't have to accessorize so many different outfits.

Once you've put together your clothing capsule, decide what accessories you need to take (jewellery, belts, shoes, handbags). These will help make your outfits more interesting and make your pieces look even more varied.

Put it in the Suitcase

Put everything in your suitcase. Add sleepwear, slippers, and a summer robe. Put in your underwear and footwear for however many days you need. If you'll be swimming or working out, pack those clothes as well.

Use travel size toiletries, and keep them in your cosmetic case from here on out. Pack any prescription medications you need and throw in some earplugs in case there are rowdy parties while you are trying to sleep. Make sure you don’t forget your sunscreen too.

Finally, always wear layers when you travel, particularly if you're going to be changing climates. So wear cardigans or pullovers that can be added or removed as needed. If you keep them in the same colour family as your clothing capsule, you now have one more piece to work with.

Make a plan, put together a clothing capsule, and put it in your suitcase. You'll look good, feel great, and save yourself an aching back. You may even raise some eyebrows by how few pieces of luggage you bring - especially when you look great every day of your trip.

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