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Outfit Radio Interview

Here is another Radio Interview that I did a while back. Read on for some great tips on Winter Style...

Well it truly feels like winter has settled in – time to face a whole new wardrobe. Do you suggest doing a full wardrobe change-over from summer to winter?

I don’t think that’s completely necessary. I’m all about using the least number of clothes in the most number of ways. The best way to re-use the summer favorites is to layer either over or underneath them. Dresses – layer a merino knit underneath, and opaque tights or leggings underneath too. Team boots and tights with skirts to update them into winter.

How long do you think we should hang on to THOSE clothes that we love but maybe don’t wear so often?

Ohh, that’s a hard one… It depends on why you don’t wear it. If it’s unflattering for your figure shape or it’s a bad colour on you … get rid of it. If it just needs repairing or re-working, take it to a seamstress and see if she can make it work for you, but that’s unlikely, say your goodbyes. I’d say, if you haven’t worn it in the last 2 years… out it goes.

How do we deal with the fact that a lot of buildings are air-conditioned so we are so much colder outside?

Layering is the key to this Laurel. Use knitwear, cardigans, wraps & jackets that can be taken off inside. Make sure though that your jacket does still go with your outfit. I’ve seen so many outfits ruined by a big chunky casual jacket over top that just doesn’t go. Use scarves coats outside.

Also at the moment the temperature changes quite radically from morning to evening? How do we adapt our wardrobe?

Layering again, I often pop some tights in my bag, and an extra layer to go over top of my outfit.

What do you think of scarves and hats?

I love scarves! I think they are one of the most under-utilized winter accessories. They can brighten up an otherwise dull outfit, easy to take on or off depending on warmth, and they add a great deal of interest. For me they are about style, not just warmth.

Hats – I don’t like beanies very much personally, but there are some cut beret’s and knit style hats around this season, though they don’t suit all faces shapes, so be careful with them. Watch out for hat hair too!

Can guys wear them as well?

I love guys in scarves, and no they are not just for the metrosexuals. It’s a huge style factor that can add interest to an otherwise plain outfit. Wear them folded in half, looped around the neck, then put the ends through the loop, or just wind around the neck, on end in front, one end on your back, or just draped around the neck, both ends in front.

What are the popular colours this winter?

Grey is very popular, but only wear it next to your face if you suit cool colours. Red & Purple are quite big this season, as is black of course. But be careful with black next to your face, as it is often too harsh for a lot of people, and can make you look more drained and older.

What styles are in?

Dresses are very in, and will continue to be right into next summer too, so invest in one or two. Layering is a big look, as is footless back tights underneath skirts and dresses. Volume is a key look too, but make sure you only wear it on one half and keep the other half sleek. For Guys layering is big too - go for a nice dark slim jean, a merino knit, a blazer, a scarf, and some great shoes.

So much of the clothes that are in the shops are made out of t-shirt material - but this does not hang well, what material should we look out for?

Yes, definitely stay away from t-shirt fabric dresses or skirts if your hips & thighs are a problem area. It will cling in all the wrong places. I would look for a thicker knit, or otherwise a slightly heavier fabric that will glide over figure challenges rather that cling to them. 

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