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Outfit on the Radio!

Happy Friday! I thought I'd post the written version of a radio interview that I had recently, on Rhema 1251 AM. I hope you get some good tips from it...

Is it important for us to take care with our appearance?

I definitely think so. Whether we like it or not, the fact is that people make assumptions about us based on our appearance. Studies have shown that in just the first 15 seconds, a new person meeting you forms more than a dozen surprising impressions about you and your life, based almost entirely on your appearance. But more importantly, I have also found that women who have a makeover, or have been shown how to look their best, always have improved self confidence. So it's not only because of others, but it's about what it does for us. How good do you feel when you get a compliment about your outfit, or how good you look? I love that feeling!

Do we always know how to make ourselves look good?

Unfortunately we aren't all born with style know-how, it needs to be taught and caught. I would say that the majority of women & men are not 100% sure what suits them, they get frustrated shopping, and "have nothing to wear" even with a wardrobe full of clothing. Thankfully it's easy enough to learn how to look your best with a little help & guidance from a personal style consultant.

How do we find our personal style?

It's a combination of things: knowing what colours suit you, knowing what styles of clothing suit your body shape (how to enhance the features you love, and how to camouflage the ones you don't), discovering your style personality (how to make your clothing reflect the real you), and having a wardrobe that works with your lifestyle. Your personal style is what your outfit/style says about you.

Do we need to have a huge wardrobe filled with clothes to look good?

Not at all. I'm a huge fan of what we call a capsule wardrobe, which is having a certain number of key pieces in your wardrobe that can all mix & match, no closet orphans. That means that when you go shopping, you don't buy just because it's a bargain, you only get it if it will work with 3 pieces that you already have at home. The key for me is definitely accessories. With a good range of accessories, you can change the look of outfits in no time.

What part does colour play in making ourselves look good?

It plays a huge part! Have you ever had anyone say "Wow, you look so good today" or "Are you feeling ok?", when you are no different than usual? Often this can be because of the colour you are wearing close your face. Knowing what colours suit your complexion, whether they are cool based or warm based, means you can get that healthy glow every time, no mistakes. It's the cheapest face lift ever!

How can we enhance our best features?

Knowing your body shape helps you to know what colour to wear on what part of your body. Here’s my rule of thumb: Wear darker, plainer colours on your areas of figure challenge, your larger half. Wear lighter, brighter colours and patterns or texture on your smaller half. The eye will be drawn to the lighter, brighter shades, and skip over the darker shades. It’s also important to know what cuts & styles of clothing enhance your good features, and what to avoid on your areas of figure challenge. That makes a huge difference.

I also wanted to touch on another subject - we were looking at an article in the challenge newspaper and there was a piece about how mothers should be responsible for passing on sensible dress sense to their daughters. Too many young girls nowadays are copying the fashion sense of various celebrities which is not always advisable. Then they end up dressing too provocatively and that invites all kinds of trouble??!!!

I think that she has a good point there. Society and culture promotes fashion that is often far less than modest. I would say that while it is important to dissuade young girls away from provocative dressing, it’s also important to let them express themselves with fashion too. It needs a good balance, encourage the safer trends that look great on them, let them have fun with it, it doesn’t have to be expensive, but do draw the line where you feel is appropriate. Be a good role model. If you look stylish as their mother, they are much more likely to understand that being stylish doesn’t have to mean being a fashion slave.

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