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Mothers & Daughters

Recently I have had quite a few mothers & daughters book in for consultations together, and it has got me thinking… what a great way to do mother/daughter bonding!

I remember when I was younger, watching makeovers on Oprah with my mum, and being fascinated in the transformation of the women & men involved. That’s probably one of the things that steered me towards being a Personal Style Consultant.

Our mothers are one of the biggest influences in our lives growing up. Whether we want to admit it or not, they will have influenced our sense of style. That doesn’t mean that we all end up like little clones of our mothers, not at all, but rather, that we watch and learn, and decide what we like and what we don’t like, starting from a very young age.

When I was young, my mum used to make clothes for both herself and for me, and she showed me how to get creative and have fun with fashion. That influenced me quite dramatically growing up, as I learned to have an eye for what looked good and what didn’t and to have a love of fashion.

As us daughters grow older, the roles can sometimes reverse, and we can find our mothers looking to us for inspiration of what is current, and for new ideas in style. This has happened with my mother, as I’ve grown up, often Mum looks to me for ideas and fashion advice, and of course shopping help, which is great, as it’s always such a fun bonding time for us to go out shopping or look through each others wardrobes. We enjoy this time together, and although are tastes are not the same in all areas, we do inspire each other in different ways.

There are also however, the Mother/ Daughter relationships in which their sense of style is quite different, and they may not be able to understand each others taste, let alone pick out gifts! This can be source of tension sometimes, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. You can learn to understand what suits yourselves and each other, from colours & styles, right to your style personality.

This is where I think these Consultations together can help quite a lot. As you learn what colours suit you and each other, what styles suit your body shape, and what your own sense of style is, it takes all the guess work out. It gives you a much better understanding of your own body, and each other. Plus, it’s heaps of fun. You get made over together, and get to have a great girly bonding time, and create some new memories together.

So whether it’s with your Mum or even a best friend, check out our services and book in soon.