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Men's Winter Style


Most kiwi guys don’t really think about their winter wardrobe being much different from their summer wardrobe, you just chuck a jumper on! But I'm going to let you in on some great key items, how to wear them, and where to get them, so you’ll be warm & stylish for winter.

Most stores have been stocking winter styles since March or April. Fashion is always ahead of the weather, but now we are definitely feeling the cold, so it’s time to sort out your clothes.


Top 10 things to have in your wardrobe for winter

1.    Jeans

Styling: Your choice of wash. Straight & dark is always a good bet.
Shop: Route 66, Newmarket, Auckland

2.    Smart trousers

Styling: For work or special occasions (flat-front, right length).
Shop: Barkers, Working Style, Country Road.

3.    White T-Shirt

Styling: Wear on its own or layer under shirt, jumper or blazer.
Shop: Levi’s, Industrie, Barkers.

4.    Black T-Shirt

Styling: Wear on its own or layer under shirt, jumper or blazer.
Shop: Levi’s, Industrie, Barkers.

5.    Long-sleeve T-shirt

Styling: Wear on its own or layer for warmth.
Shop: Industrie on High Street, Auckland.

6.    Long-sleeve shirt

Styling: Can be worn with sleeves rolled up and layered over a t-shirt for a more casual look.
Shop: Working Style, Barkers, Country Road, 3 Wise Men.

7.    Merino or Woolen Jumper

Styling: Get a colour that suits you, doesn’t have to be black. Get it nicely fitted.
Shop: Country Road, Barkers, Marcs, Polo by Ralph Lauren.

8.    Blazer / Jacket

Styling: Can be worn with t-shirt, jumper, shirt or even hoodie under it for lots of different styles.
Shop: Barkers, Industrie, Country Road, Mark Richards.

9.    Coat

Styling: Trench coat, Military style, Overcoat.
Shop: Barkers, Industrie, Paddington Coat Factory.

10.    Hoodie

Styling: Wear layered over a t-shirt, or under your blazer.
Shop: Amazon, Arizona, Industrie.  


Men’s stylish accessories for winter

1.    Sneakers

2.    Black or brown smart leather shoes

3.    Scarf

Styling: Wear with your jumper or blazer.

4.    Gloves

Styling: Leather or wool gloves are great for keeping your hands warm while you are walking to work on cold winter mornings.

5.    Hat

Styling: Tweed, newsboy-style hat, not big woolen beanies.

6.    Waistcoat

Styling: Wear over shirt with sleeves rolled up, paired with jeans, or smart pants.

7.    Thin black or dark tie.

Styling: Wear slightly loose with a shirt, (top buttons open) with t-shirt layered underneath.


Now that you’ve got your shopping list for winter, the only thing left is to hit the shops. If you’d like an honest opinion and some help shopping to look stylish for winter, we’d be happy to help.

We know how to shop for guys – know what you want, get in, make the choice, and get out. No mucking around. Just come out looking great. Check out our services for more details.