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Men's Style Bloopers

I’ve previously concentrated a lot on Women’s Style topics, so this week, boys, it’s your turn.

Whether you like to admit it or not, people do notice how you present yourself, and studies have shown that in the first 15 seconds, a new person meeting you forms more than a dozen impressions about you and your life, based almost entirely on your appearance.

Do you know what message you are sending out? Do you send out a “Yeah, whatever, who cares!” attitude? Do you look scruffy? Do you look as if you have no attention to detail? Or do you send out the message that you are successful, stylish and in good shape.

Your personal presentation can send out all those messages, for better or worse. Do yourself a favour and make it work for you, not against you.

Unlike women, men have a tendency to go for whatever that is easy and comfortable. Hence, they often overlook the small details which actually matter the most if you want to dress for success. Here’s a look at the style bloopers that men often make and should be avoided at all cost:

1. Wearing Socks With Sandals

This definitely proves your lack of men’s style. The only place that you can wear socks with sandals and not get labeled as a fashion offender is in the privacy of your home. Do not, I repeat “DO NOT” ever step outside your home looking this way.

2. Too Much Jewelery

Now, who said it was ok to wear as much jewelery as Mr T? A wedding band and a watch is all you need. Do yourself a favour and don’t pile on those gold neck chains, bracelets, body or facial piercings. They make you look very try-hard.

3. Wrong Length Trousers

Always try on trousers before buying as different brands have different lengths and cuttings. If the waist of your trousers sits higher than the belly button, it is too high. On the other hand, trousers should not fall below the pelvic bones. According to Michael Anderson, vice president of men’s apparel at Banana Republic, “A good rule of thumb is that the waist should rest comfortably just above the hip bone.” The length of the hem should end where the sole of your shoes starts at the back, just above the floor. 

4. Stained Clothing

Given the fact that spilling coffee on the shirt happens to all of us, it would be wise to keep a stain stick or a clean shirt in the office as a backup. Otherwise, I would suggest that you simply go out and purchase a new one when a stain occurs.

5. Shiny Shirts

Shiny fabric shirts are a thing of the past even if you are considering wearing them for clubbing purposes. Instead, try a form fitting back shirt which can be worn with jeans or trousers.

6. Anything Novelty

Novelty clothing does not project style and are meant to be left on the racks of the store where you last saw them. Have you ever seen those satin cartoon character ties, waistcoats or boxer shorts? They should be burnt. All I can say is “Ewwww….”

7. Chunky Shoes

Take my word for it, chunky shoes are no longer cool unless you have travelled back in time to the 90s. You have my permission to throw them into the nearest garbage bin. Make sure your shoes are clean & polished (if they are leather). If they are noticeably scuffed at the toe, they are past their use-by date.

8. Wrong sized clothing

Don’t wear a shirt or pants that are 2 sizes too big for you, it will make you look chunkier, and not in a good way. Also, don’t wear clothing that is too small; make sure your buttons don’t gape open, as that will also make you look chubbier. Get clothing that fits you properly, and you will look much smarter and more confident.

9. Way Too Casual

I know some guys who wear shorts and jandals all year round. Not to mention track-pants and the habit of wearing sneakers with everything! Women appreciate men who make a bit of an effort to dress appropriately for the occasion. Many restaurants and bars have a dress code, to keep the standard at a reasonable level. Don’t make her embarrassed to be seen with you.

10. Un-groomed Manliness

I’m not saying that we are hunting for metro-sexual men who take longer than us to get ready; we do like our men to be men. However, there are a few things that should just be common sense. Bad breath, body odour and dirty fingernails are all things that people notice, and well, they are gross.

Now you know what NOT to wear, you may still be at a bit of a loss as to what actually will look good on you. My advice: get some help!!

For men, it’s all about making stylish clothing choices easy, quick and simple. Check our services to see how we can help.