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Hairstyles to suit your face shape

There are two things that will update your image, and make you look stylish and current, faster than anything else... great shoes, and a great hairstyle. 

Even though you may love a hairstyle you see in a magazine, it might not actually suit you. The shape of your face and the proportions of your features will help tell you what hairstyle is best suited to you.

It's hard to be objective about your own face shape. There are lots of suggestions on how to figure out your face shape: you can outline your face shape on a mirror with lipstick or a bar of soap, or for a more accurate approach, you can measure it.

To find out the shape of your face, measure it with a tape measure or ruler. You will take the following measurements.

1. Measure your face across the top of your cheekbones. Write down the measurement on a piece of paper.

2. Measure across your jaw line from the widest point to the widest point. Write down the measurement.

3. Measure across your forehead at the widest point. Generally the widest point will be somewhere about halfway between your eyebrows and your hairline. Write down the measurement.

4. Measure from the tip of your hairline to the bottom of your chin


Length equal to one and a half times width.
Forehead is wider than the chin.
Prominent Cheekbones.
Face gracefully tapers to a narrow oval chin.

Objective: Keep the oval contour of your face.
You're lucky - this is the kind of face shape that suits just about any hairstyle. Both long and short hair cuts look great on you, as your face shape is well balanced.


Your face is as wide as it is long. This may vary a little but generally the measurement is close.
Face is widest at the cheeks.

Objective: To create the illusion of length.
Hairstyles with fullness and height at the crown will give the impression of a narrower face. Try a cut with layers while keeping the sides close to your face to make your face appear longer. Round faces suit either short hairstyles swept back from your forehead, or hairstyles that are longer than chin length. Wispy fringes and side parts are also good.

Avoid chin length hair, center parts, fullness at the sides of ears, straight "chopped bangs - these wll all emphasise the shape of your face.


Longer than it is wide.
Forehead, cheekbones and jawline are all about the same width.
Can tend to have a prominent chin.
Has an elongated appearance.

Objective: To minimise the length and create the illusion of width.
If your face is long and slender, with your forehead and below cheeks about the same width, hairstyles that balance out the length of your face work best for you. These include short to medium lengths with fullness at the sides and soft wispy bangs. This will shorten the length and add width to your face. Layered styles work well and add softness to the straight lines of your face.

Avoid too much length, it will only make your face look longer. Too much height will also lengthen your face.


The heart shaped face is widest at the temples and narrowest at the chin, which can appear pointy.

Objective: To decrease the width in the cheek bones and forehead, and create illusion of width at the chin.
Short hair and chin length hair often looks great on this face shape, as the fullness can even out the jaw and chin lines. Chin length bobs, short shags, swept forward layers and wispy bangs all work well.

Avoid full styles that emphasise the upper face without balancing out your narrow chin. Too much height at the crown and tapered necklines will make you look top heavy.


Your face is about as wide as it is long.
Forehead, cheekbones and jawline all about the same width.
Squared jawline is the most obvious feature.

Objective: To create the illusion of length to offset the squareness of the features.
If your face is square, with a strong, square jaw line and often an equally square hairline, the right hairstyles for you are ones that soften the square look of your face. Short to medium length hair cuts, with soft wispy bangs and a wave or curl will compliment and balance out your straight face shape. If you hair is straight, maybe consider a body wave. Side parts and fullness/height at the crown can add length to your square face shape.

Avoid straight styles - long straight hair, blunt bangs, straight bobs and center parts, as they will emphasise your square jawline.


Widest at cheekbones, narrow forehead and jaw line of approximately equal widths.

Objective: To create the illusion of width at the forehead, and chin areas, while keeping hair close to the cheek bones.

Avoid strong straight fringes, as the horizontal line will broaden your cheekbones. Go instead to fullness at the crown and at the jaw, with layers that flick outwards to balance your narrow chin.


Reverse of the heart-shape.
A dominant jaw line with narrowing at the cheek bone, temples and forehead.

Objective: To create the illusion of width at the forehead and lengthen the face.
If you face is triangle, with a wider chin that narrows at the forehead, you want to stick to styles that narrow your chin and widen the forehead. This will balance out your features. Shorter hair can often balance out your prominent jaw line, as well as styles that are full at the temples that taper at the jaw. Off-center parts, wedges and shags are also good styles for you. Lots of layers will give you the fullness through the upper part of your face.

Avoid Styles that are full at the jawline and center parts.

Make sure you find a good hairdresser. They can work wonders by creating a style that works best for your face shape. If you see someone with a hair style you love, ask who their hair stylist is, always go by recommendations. I love my hairdresser! For anyone who is looking for a great hairstylist in Auckland, I’d highly recommend Aimee Packer, from Servilles in Albany. She’s amazing.

If you’d like help to look your best, we can show you what colours suit you, how to dress for your body shape, and take you shopping for clothes that make you look fantastic. Check out our services to see how we can help.