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Back to Work: Re-inventing Your Style

With Mother’s Day this Sunday, we are on the subject of Style Tips for Mums. These tips are especially for Mums who are going back into the workforce.

Different Mothers choose to stay home with their children for different lengths of time, some a few months, some a few years, some for the foreseeable future. No matter the length of time away from work, it can be hard to step back onto the treadmill and get your groove back.

With all the turmoil of emotion and change of routine, you have the added stress of dressing your body that is not the same as it previously was.

It’s quite possible that your old work wardrobe no longer fits, and you are suddenly a lot more self-conscious about dressing appropriately and looking good for work. After all, you are finally seeing people who notice what you wear much more than your baby does!

After spending time in comfy, throw together, clothes-dryer proof clothing, it can be a bit daunting to think about creating a new work-wardrobe.

Here are some tips that may help:

1.    Forget about size, look at shape.

Don’t be worried that you don’t fit into your pre-baby sized clothing. Instead, focus on picking out clothing that flatters your body-shape. Choose fabrics that skim rather than cling to problem areas.

2.    Wear colours that look amazing on you.

When you wear colours that really suit you, it’s like an instant face-lift, and it’s a great way to hide the fact that you may be a bit tired. If you’re not sure what colours suit you, we can show you. See our services for details.

3.    Use makeup to freshen up your look.

Even if it’s just some mascara and lip-gloss, it does make a difference. Use makeup to enhance your features. It will help you to feel more attractive and professional in the workplace.

4.    Buy supportive underwear and shape-wear.

Your underwear is so important to get right, as it will determine how well your clothes sit on you. You can get amazing underwear that can hold in a mummy-tummy like a miracle. It’s also very important to get properly fitted for your correct bra size. Apparently about 80% of women wear the wrong bra size.

5.    Invest in a mix & match capsule wardrobe.

There are 10 key wardrobe items that form a great work wardrobe. Get them a neutral base colour that suits you (black, grey, brown, natural). Then you can easily mix & match other items with them to create lots of different outfits.

Classic Dress Pants
Basic Work Dress
White Shirt
Coloured or Striped Shirt
Day Dress (colour or pattern)
Cashmere or Merino Sweater
Trench Coat

6.    Get a trusted opinion.

If you are not confident about what suits your new body, ask for some help. We are here to help you to look and feel your best. We can help with a Colour Consultation, a Body-Shape Analysis, some Wardrobe Sorting & Planning, and we can help you shop for your new work wardrobe. We’ll help you to get clothes that look amazing and make the most of your shopping budget.

Check out our services to see how we can help.

We also have beautiful gift vouchers available for Mother’s Day, if you’d like to treat your Mum or your wife (or hint to your husband!)

7.     Lastly, hold your head up high and smile.

If you don't feel confident going back to work, just fake it till you make it! Put on your great new work outfit, pull your shoulders back, hold your head up high, use eye-contact and smile. You can do it!