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Packing Light for Holiday - 16 December 2013

If you’ve ever been hassled about the amount of luggage that you take with you on holiday, if you end up wearing only half of what you take, or leave important pieces behind, you may have wondered if there is a better way to pack for holiday. Read full article

Stumped for Christmas Gift Ideas? - 11 December 2013

What do you get for those people who seem to have everything? Read full article

Swimwear for your Shape - 4 December 2013

There's no denying it, most women go into a panic over buying swimwear. Because, let's face it, swimwear is tricky! But don't worry if you haven't got the body of Rachel Hunter and your very own beachwear range to go with it, our useful buying guide will help you find the best swimwear for your shape. Read full article

What to wear to a Christmas Party - 26 November 2013

It’s that time of year again… that stretch of weeks when we are feeling rushed, overworked, and desperately looking forward to a holiday. We can so often get caught up in deadlines, Christmas shopping, and the fluster of the looming season, that we don’t have time to think about what to wear to the many functions that crop up around this time. The last thing you want is to get to Wednesday, and think “Yikes, the Christmas function is on Friday night, and I have nothing to wear!” Read full article

How to get the most out of your wardrobe - 20 November 2013

*Did you know that most women wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time?* That means that 80% of your wardrobe is just taking up space and much of it is quite probably wasted money! Read full article

Are you stuck in a Style Rut? - 12 November 2013

A style rut can happen at any age. It happens when you get stuck in one way of thinking and dressing, without taking notice of the changes that have happened to you and around you. Read full article

Mothers & Daughters - 6 November 2013

Recently I have had quite a few mothers & daughters book in for consultations together, and it has got me thinking… what a great way to do mother/daughter bonding! Read full article

Getting Ready for Summer - 4 November 2013

It’s time to get ready for summer. It’s almost here and now’s a great time, before the Christmas rush, to sort out your wardrobe and get it ready for the sunny days ahead. Read full article

The Magic of Makeovers - 12 October 2013

I love seeing the difference that a makeover can have on the confidence of people. I’m hooked on makeover shows, which is probably why I enjoy doing what I do, so much. My current favourite, the programme on Fridays, 7:30pm, Channel One, called “How to Look Good Naked”, really intrigues and inspires me. Albeit, there is a fair amount of nudity on the screen, so be aware of that, but its results that I’m there for. Read full article

Inspired into Style - 11 October 2013

Here is a lovely email I got recently from a client who used to struggle with shopping and finding the right look for her... Read full article

Shopping Tips - 4 October 2013

Have you ever spent a whole afternoon shopping only to come away empty handed? Do you sometimes have that guilty morning-after feeling as you try to figure out why your latest impulse purchase looked so much better in the shop? Do you get hot and flustered in the fitting rooms? Read full article

What do your shoes say about you? - 18 September 2013

The way that we present ourselves gives off messages about what kind of person we are, the life we live, our interests, our confidence, our sense of style, often without us even realizing it! Today we are going to look at what your shoes say about you, and some of the common shoe sins that people commit. Read full article

Fat Days - 6 September 2013

We all have those blah days in which we feel frumpy, fat or just generally very unattractive. But do we just have to suffer through them, or is there a way to trick the mind and the eye? Read full article

Plus-Size Style - 31 August 2013

As a style consultant, I have worked with clients of all ages, shapes and sizes. I’ve had the pleasure of working with some gorgeous curvy, voluptuous, plus-size ladies. Read full article

Outfit's How-to Guide: Skin Care - 13 August 2013

Looking after your skin is like investing in your future… your future face. If you take the time to look after your skin now, you’ll be thanking yourself later in life. And it’s never too late to start! Read full article

Vintage Style - 6 August 2013

I firmly believe that you don’t have to spend a million dollars to look like a million dollars. You can look really great, at a surprisingly low cost. Read full article

Shopping Tips for Sale Season - 17 July 2013

Have you ever spent a whole afternoon shopping only to come away empty handed? Do you sometimes have that guilty morning-after feeling as you try to figure out why your latest impulse purchase looked so much better in the shop? Do you get hot and flustered in the fitting rooms? Read full article

Brighten up Grey Winter Days - 17 June 2013

I was walking through town on a drizzly grey day recently, and it seemed as if everyone was wearing dull, dark tones of black and grey. As if winter isn't depressing enough sometimes, we go and put on drab colours that make us feel as dull as the day is! Read full article

Stress-free Dressing - 3 June 2013

Looking good and feeling great means taking care of yourself – both inside and out. Read full article

15 Ways to Wear a White Shirt - 28 May 2013

I love versatile garments. A great white shirt is one of those items. Invest in a good quality, well cut white shirt, and it will take you anywhere. Here are 15 ways to wear your white shirt. Read full article

Style Tips for Mums - 24 April 2013

We are fast approaching that time of year again... the time to say a huge 'thank you' to our Mums. Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday 11th May, and I've got some great style tips for Mum’s. Read full article

Hairstyles to suit your face shape - 10 April 2013

There are two things that will update your image, and make you look stylish and current, faster than anything else... great shoes, and a great hairstyle. Read full article

Style Question: Mutton Dressed as Lamb - 27 March 2013

Q: I’ve just turned 60 and I don’t want to dress like a granny, but I don’t want to look like Mutton Dressed as Lamb, either. How do I create a look that is stylish, but age appropriate? Read full article

Style Question: The Black Addiction - 27 March 2013

Q: I’m stuck in a rut of wearing black, because it’s so slimming. I want to wear some colour, but I don’t know what will suit me. Do you have any suggestions on how to wear colour and still look slim? Read full article

Style Question: 3/4 Pants on Short People - 27 March 2013

Q: I’ve heard that short people shouldn’t wear ¾ trousers, why is that? I live in mine over summer! Read full article

Style Question - "I look too young. Nobody takes me seriously!" - 27 March 2013

Q: I am a 23 year old woman that works in an office, but people say I look like I’m only 17 years old. How can I dress to make people take me more seriously? Read full article

Style Question - Trends vs. Body-Shape - 27 March 2013

Q: I work in the fashion industry and need to stay up to date with the trends, but find that my curvy figure doesn’t suit a lot of what is in this season. What should I do? Read full article

Style Question - Trousers to suit big hips & thighs - 27 March 2013

Q: If you have wide hips and thighs, but slim lower legs, what style of trousers will suit you best? Read full article

Style Question - Bulky Pockets - 27 March 2013

Q: Guys often have a few things to carry around - typically their wallet, cell phone and keys to start with. Sometimes this is difficult to just fit it all in your pockets without it looking bulky, what are some other solutions for guys? Read full article

Style Question - Redheads - 27 March 2013

Q: Is there any colour a redhead shouldn’t wear??? Read full article

Men's Style Bloopers - 10 March 2013

I’ve previously concentrated a lot on Women’s Style topics, so this week, boys, it’s your turn. Read full article

It's not about size. It's about shape! - 26 February 2013

For those of you that have recently set foot in an Auckland Westfield Mall, you will have been bombarded with posters announcing that Trinny & Susannah, the UK’s best-known Style Experts are here in Auckland this week. Starting Thursday, they will be in Westfield Malls talking to the crowds about different body-shapes and how to dress them. Now if you’ve seen them on TV, you’ll know that yes, they are a bit brash, but they do know their stuff. If you are near one of the malls, go along and check them out. Read full article

Men's Key Wardrobe Items - 14 February 2013

I've had some men asking what the key items would be for their wardrobe... so here it is: Read full article

10 Key Wardrobe Items for Women - 13 February 2013

Have you ever looked in your wardrobe and wondered why it’s so hard to find something to wear? Do you have a bunch of random items that are nice, but are hard to make an outfit from? Read full article

Focus on Your Favourite Features - 11 February 2013

How often do you stand and look in the mirror, only to zone in on your figure challenges? “Ah, my bum looks so big.” “My tummy is definitely not what it used to be!” “I wish I had longer legs”. Read full article

Style vs. Fashion - 31 January 2013

Fashion and style, are they the same thing? Which is more important? I've been pondering these questions recently, and have come to a conclusion... Read full article

Wardrobe Sorting - 8 January 2013

Do you ever stand staring at your wardrobe full of clothes and think “I’ve got nothing to wear!”? Is your wardrobe a mess? Read full article

Springs new Trends: Which ones do you suit? - 10 September 2008

With each new fashion season, there are new trends that get introduced. The important thing to recognize is this, not everyone can wear every trend. You have to learn to interprete which styles will flatter your body shape and colouring, and which styles to avoid like the plague. Read full article

L'Oreal Colour Trophy 2008 - 7 August 2008

Recently, I had the privilege of being a part of a big win in the prestigious L'Oreal Colour Trophy 2008, the creme de la creme of hairdressing awards. Read full article

Men's Winter Style - 20 May 2008

Most kiwi guys don’t really think about their winter wardrobe being much different from their summer wardrobe, you just chuck a jumper on! But I'm going to let you in on some great key items, how to wear them, and where to get them, so you’ll be warm & stylish for winter. Read full article

Back to Work: Re-inventing Your Style - 6 May 2008

With Mother’s Day this Sunday, we are on the subject of Style Tips for Mums. These tips are especially for Mums who are going back into the workforce. Read full article

The all-new Outfit website! - 24 April 2008

Welcome to the brand-spanking new Outfit website. We are very excited about our new look. We hope you enjoy it too! Read full article

Tanya is now the resident style expert for Table for Six - 21 April 2008

Tanya is now offering style tips for singles, as the resident style expert for Table for Six (www.tableforsix.co.nz). Read full article

Trinny & Susannah here to rescue saggy boobs and flabby tums - 3 March 2008

Trinny & Susannah have been here in Westfield Malls, showing the ladies of Auckland how to dress for their body-shape. From pears, apples & hourglass figures to bricks, vases & goblet shaped bodies; they have been pulling up saggy boobs and transforming flabby tummy's with their magic knickers. Read full article

Back in action for 2008 - 8 January 2008

Happy New Year to you all! Read full article

What topics do you want to hear on radio? - 19 September 2007

Post a comment to let me know what topics you are interested in hearing about on Life FM or Rhema every 2nd Thursday. I'll also post the info here for you to read. Any idea is a good idea. Thanks for your help. Contact us to let us know your ideas. Read full article

Summer's Fashion Forecast - 14 August 2007

Here are a few observations from my Europe trip of the up & coming styles for summer 07: Read full article

Fortnightly Style Slots on Radio! - 11 August 2007

Some great news... I will be a guest on Radio Rhema (1251 AM) at 9:40am, and Life FM (99.8 FM) at 11:00am, every 2nd Thursday for a Style Slot. I'm really looking forward to this! Read full article

Shopping on Camps Elysees in Paris! - 11 July 2007

This is the most amazing shopping street in Paris. It has all the top designer stores from Louis Vuitton to Dolce & Gabanna and so many more, right through to some great cheaper European chain stores. What an experience! It stretches from the Lourve right to the Arch de Triumph, and really does live up to it's prestigious reputation. Read full article

Top Shop - 7 July 2007

Today I went shopping at Top Shop on Oxford Street in London. Wow!! That place is so huge, and totally incredible. I didn't get nearly as long as I wanted in there, but I'm going to go back again (without a man in tow!). Read full article

London - 4 July 2007

Hi from London! So far we have had an amazing time here in London seeing the sights - Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Oxford Street, Soho, Covent Gardens, The London Eye (big ferris wheel), walking along the River Thames, Tate Modern Museum/Gallery and there's still so much more to see. Very exciting. Read full article

Street Style: Men's Satchel - 22 June 2007

This is Al Gough, a hairdressing tutor at Servilles Academy. What a great satchel he has!! Read full article

What Not To Wear - on Life FM - 19 June 2007

A big thanks to all of you who listened in to Girls Talk on Life FM this morning. We had a great time talking about 'What Not To Wear', fashion mistakes, dressing for your body shape and shopping tips. I got to answer quite a few caller questions, which I hope was helpful. Read full article

Boot Accessories - 19 June 2007

Check out these great accessories on the boots. It's like a fur cuff that has been tied around like a boot bracelet! I'm not sure if they were originally meant for boots or whether they are a fur cuff that she has used instead, but what a fun look. Read full article

Outfit Radio Interview - 16 June 2007

Here is another Radio Interview that I did a while back. Read on for some great tips on Winter Style... Read full article

Street Style: Men's scarf & jacket - 13 June 2007

This is Rick, a Business Analyst from Auckland. I was sitting across from him on the bus today. Read full article

Winter Style: Scarves - 11 June 2007

One of my favourite accessories for Winter are scarves. Not only on women, mind you, but guys as well! Read full article

Outfit on the Radio! - 1 June 2007

Happy Friday! I thought I'd post the written version of a radio interview that I had recently, on Rhema 1251 AM. I hope you get some good tips from it... Read full article

Outfit goes to Europe! - 30 May 2007

I just thought that I'd let you all know that I'll be going to Europe for the month of July. I'll be going to London, Paris, Venice, Rome & then Hong Kong on the way home. Read full article

Welcome - 30 May 2007

Hi Everyone! Read full article