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15 Ways to Wear a White Shirt

I love versatile garments. A great white shirt is one of those items. Invest in a good quality, well cut white shirt, and it will take you anywhere. Here are 15 ways to wear your white shirt.  


1. Casually Classic: With flat-front pants and Oxford shoes.
2. French Flair: With dark denim jeans and heels.
3. Professional: With a tapered skirt and classic pumps.
4. Beach Easy: With short shots and thongs.
5. Sexy Miss: With a leather miniskirt.
6. Attention Grabber: With an unexpected bright colour below the waist.
7. Pure Elegance: With black capri’s and ballet slippers.
8. Knotted: Tied over a shift or slip-dress.
9. Under Over: Worn under a 'V' neck sweater worn with the collar out and cuffs turned back.
10. Sexy and Man-style: Buttoned very low and worn for evening under a menswear suit with high strappy sandals.
11. Loose and Light: Untucked over narrow pants.
12. Shift Style: Layered underneath a tunic or shift dress.
13. Waistcoat: Worn under a waistcoat with jeans, skirt or pants.
14. Accessorised: Open at the neck with multiple strands of beads.
15. White on white: With other white garments of varied texture.

Excerpt from 50 Image Essentials, by Ann Reinten

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